DoS (denial of service ) attack, is the most popular way of attacking a website or a computer used by the, so called, hacktivists out there. It is nothing but sending too much junk information to a server or website, more than the threshold which causes crashing down of computers, websites and even servers. DoS attacks can be even spam emails to a particular address.

DDoS (distributed denial of service) attack, is just an elaborated way of DoS attack, in simple words more than one computer is used to send data to the targeted addresses. More number of computers equals more data to be send equals more and faster the impact.

What is DOScoin ?

Preventing DoS attacks is not really possible but we can reduce the harm that it causes, ie. It can be mitigated. And that’s when the role of DoS coins comes in. Its an open source which invites computers to join together creating a chain of nodes. This works like a drainage system connecting lots of pipes to get rid of water accumulated, same way through nodes DoS attacks are distributed to servers, resulting in a complete stopping of the attack.

Everyone has a fear in their mind about what if the bandwidth cannot hold the attack. But once you get into this u will be provided with software’s and ports which will take care of your computer and ports will break the data into smaller ones to divert it through nodes. Say you got attacked by 20 tb of data after a certain amount of block softwares will break it into may be 1000 gb each and will distribute it to other servers. The amount of data u block will determine the cryptocoins that you receive.

Source code is now available on github:


Algorithm: X13
PoW/PoS (PoS for 3 months)
100,000 blocks
60 second block time
4,000 coins per block
70 days PoW
500,000,000 total coins will be mined
20 block re-target


Minimum Age: 24 hours
Maximum Age: Unlimited

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