Kali linux is the most advanced penetration testing OS ever build. Kali linux has plenty of tools available for various attacks. These are my favorite top 10 security tools. There are plenty of tools available, these are the 10 tools which i have found awesome.

10. proxychains


proxychains is one of the most essential tools in kali linux. Proxychains directs all traffic of a specific application through a desired proxy server. Its can mask the user’s identity and secure the user from eavesdroppers. By default proxychains is set to connect through tor proxy servers with more secure protocol called SOCKS5. The best application of proxychains is run tor as a service on port 9050 and run all apps with proxychains. Its easy, stable and secure. click here to know more about online anonymity.


9. Armitage

armitagekalilinuxkhromozomeArmitage is basically a graphical version of metasploit framework. Most of the newbie hackers find it difficult to use metasploit since its a command line interface. Armitage offers a cool GUI for these guys. We can find an exploit or auxiliary module with a much easier user interface, somewhat like a file explorer. all hacked devices as well as scanned devices are visible like a large icon interface and very easy to launch attack against multiple systems in a single click. For more advanced usage console window is also available on the bottom. Armitage helps really well when you want to create or control a botnet army. when you want to take down the whole network of systems, armitage would be a great choice.


8. BeEF

beefframeworkkalilinuxkhromozomeBeEF stands for Browser exploitation framework. Beef is used to exploit a xss vulnerability and it focus on client side attacks. Once a victim access a xss vulnerable site thats linked to the beef, the beef server running on the attacker hooks the target browser. When the browser is hooked the attacker gets full control over the browser. Attacker can install or uninstall plugins, show pop ups, redirect to rouge url. with this framework you can make the victim download a malware or your Trojan. Beef have a pretty good user interface its easy to use as well.


7. Aircrack-ng

aircrack-ng-new-logoAircrack is not just a tool its toolkit that is used for wireless attacks or simply hacking a wifi network. These set of tools allows you to monitor a network, crack WPA hash, capture handshake and even send deauth packets. this is the ultimate toolkit for wireless penetration testing. Aircrack in kali linux comes with a command line interface which is looking so cool. Aircrack supports almost all wifi adapters and also available for windows. The most interesting part is this can be used as a wifi jammer by sending unlimited deauth packet to a router and thus disconnects all the connected devices


6. HashCat

hashcatkalilinuxkhromozomeHashcat is an awesome pice of software that can crack almost any kind of hash. Hashcat has two variants with two different algorithms one is CPU cracking other one is GPU cracking. OclHashCat uses the GPU cracking algorithm which is very faster than traditional CPU cracking. Unlike a CPU a GPU has too many number of cores. OclHashcat use this multi-core to crack thousands of hash in less than a second. with 8x Nvidia Titan x running on a 64-bit ubuntu can crack upto 115840 Mega hash per second. This powerful hash cracking tool can be really helpful when you use it with a custom wordlist or a bruteforce attack.


5. Nmap

nmapklailinuxkhromozomeNmap aka network mapper is a pretty simple tool in kali linux that allows you to scan a system or a network. Nmap allows you to scan open ports, running services, netbios, os detection etc. Nmap use various type of detection technique to evade IP filters firewalls. Nmap has both command line interface and GUI and supports almost all platforms including windows and mac. This the tool that you have to use before attacking a system or a server.


4. vega

vegakalilinuxkhromozomeVega is a powerful recon tool that comes with a well designed graphical interface. Vega scans a web server and helps you to detect almost all types of vulnerability including sql injection and xss. Vega sorts the vulnerable links to three different section based on severity. Vega can detect social security numbers and email ids. It also allows you to browse through the whole website with a file manager like interface.


3. Reaver

reaverkalilinuxkhromozomeReaver is the best and simple tool for wireless penetration testing. Reaver targets a WPS (Wireless protected setup) enabled router. Reaver bruteforce all the possible 6 digit pins thus fetching the passphrase out of it. This simple tool can crack wifi within a very short time depending on the wps pin. If the target router has its default pin, then reaver can crack it within 3 – 6 second. Read my blog on how to hack a wps protected router with reaver for more info.


2. Sqlmap

Isqlmapkalilinuxkhromozomen penetration testing most of the hackers tries to take down a database in the first place while attacking a web server. sqlmap is really powerful fully automated auditing tool for attacking a database by exploiting a server side sql vulnerability. Sqlmap comes with a command line interface with cool green fonts. Sqlmap can target Mysql, Mssql, postgresql, oracle etc and supports almost all injection technique. You just need to input the vulnerable link rest is fully automated process. Sqlmap supports multithreading mode and also tor proxy. click here to read the blog on sql injection.


1. Metasploit Framework

metasploitkalilinuxkhromozomeMetasploit framework aka msf is the best and no:1 tool in kali linux for backdooring and malware attacks. msf has 1500+ exploits, 800+ auxiliary modules and 400+ payloads which is more than enough. Msf can target any kind of system including windows, mac, linux, android and even cctv cameras. Msf can generate a backdoor and control the infected system with its handler. It can also launch remote exploits, bruteforce attacks and much more. Its simplified CLI allows you navigate through all exploits easily and manage the infected systems easily. click here to read the blog on hacking windows 10 with metasploit. video tutorial available here


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How do i go about creating a tool in kali linux using python language?

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