This “how to install” guide is for noobs 😉 First of all you have to understand that kali linux is an operating system and not a software, i.e. you have too boot it with virtual machine or boot CD/USB. Dual booting means you can run two operating systems on the same system. Eg: windows and kali linux. you can switch the OS during the boot. For this you have to partition the hard disk and allocate a 30GB minimum for kali. Virtual machine means an OS is booted inside another with the help of a third party software workstation or virualbox. This is much easier than dual boot and low risk. Follow the steps

Step 1

To install linux u need the ISO of the linux. Even if you are dual booting or virtualizing u have to download the ISO. Before downloading the iso you have to check whether your processor is 64bit or 32bit.

Torrent link from official kali website

kali linux 2.0 64bit (torrent)


Step 2

Next choose dual booting or virtual machine (virtual machine recommended). if you have no idea what to choose see these multi booting and Virtual machine.

Step 3

Dual boot
You have to make a bootable USB or DVD. To make a bootable DVD you need an application called “WinISO” or any other alternative. Download it from the link below and install it. Open Winiso and goto tools > burn image, now select the drive and the ISO and start burning. To make bootable USB download the tool “Win32 Disk imager” from the link below. Install it and open it. Select the drive and choose the iso. While choosing the iso by default it can only search for .IMG files change it to *.* and now choose the kali iso. Click on write it will start writing to the USB
Virtual Machine
The most simple method 🙂 To run a virtual machine on windows we have two soft wares virtualbox and workstation (workstation recommended). Download one from the link below and install it.

Step 4

Dual boot

After writing a bootable disk or USB. Reboot the system, during the boot got to BIOS boot menu (‘F10’ in most case) and choose the device i.e DVD or USB. Now the system will boot from that drive!

Virtual Machine

In virtual machine you have to configure a virtual system. Open it and choose “create new virtual machine”. Name the virtual machine, choose ubuntu dist.Then you have to select iso, allocate RAM, Display, virtual hard disk, etc. Better go with the recommended settings and power on the machine.

Step 5

From this step onwards its same for both VM and Dual boot. After the boot, a screen appears with Live and install option. choose “graphic install”. During the install it will allow you to choose a partition. If its dual boot choose a drive that is not in use and dont choose C drive. In virtual machine you can find only one partition its virtual drive not your physical HDD so you can simply proceed. It will Format the selected partition and starts installation. NOTE : remember the password that you type during the installation

Step 6

Your Hacking machine is ready ! now update all the tools by the command below. Enjoy. Happy Hacking 😉
# apt-get update
# apt-get upgrade

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