Bitcoin is a crypto-currency, unlike traditional currency bitcoin is not printed on a paper or a metal coin. Its in the form of bits that  can stored on a computer. These cryptocurrencies are highly encrypted with SHA-256 hashing algorithm. There is no central governance or central bank controlled by the government to interfere the transaction. We dont have to give our personal details for a transaction rather we use only the unique bitcoin address. Its a peer to peer transaction mechanism so that you cannot complain or blame an organisation if you lose your coins. Every transactions are done anonymously tracking a user in this network is a waste of time. You can also use bitcoins to buy things online many online shopping sites accept bitcoins.
Bitcoin is also known as the internet gold because of its limited availability. There are 21 million (20999999.9769 exact value) bitcoins available in the world. Each bitcoins are encrypted as blocks, each block consist of 25 coins. To get a bitcoin you have to mine it. Mining is a process of cracking hashes which is highly encrypted that it will take years if you mine alone. So mining is done as group of miners or a pool. The cracking job is divided among miners and paid on the basis of no of hash they cracked. Hash cracking can be done with the help of a GPU or a specially designed piece pf hardware called ASIC. A GPU will consume more energy and have to dedicate the pc for mining i.e you cannot play game while GPU is cracking the hash the full resource get used up. You need high end GPU for this process. The more the bitcoin is mined the tougher the hash is. Bitcoin mining difficulty increases day by day.
So mining is a tough process right? Here is an alternative method. Many websites offer online jobs like captcha entering and add clicking, some of the websites pay in bitcoins instead of usd. Its is great idea to earn bitcoins.
current worth (at the time of writing this) of bitcoin is $459. Value of a bitcoin increases day by day. Its estimated that by 2020 1BTC will be equal to $1000. If you manages to earn 10 bitcoin in this year, imagine its worth in 2020. Your money gets doubled by doing nothing. So lets do this from the scratch. Follow the steps (even if you are new to the world of cryptocurrency).


Creating a wallet

This is the first thing to do. You need a wallet to store and send/receive bitcoins. A wallet has a unique address that you can share with public. You can also have multiple receive address  (say: you want to receive from two different people, you can have different address. Both of them points to your same wallet). A wallet can be created on your hard drive by downloading and installing wallet software. You can also create a wallet on a blockchain server. I don’t recommend creating a wallet on hard drive because a hard drive failure can result in loosing all your coins. Better create on blockchain server by clicking here

That was easy.. never forget your password and identifier

better note it down somewhere. Now login to wallet with the identifier and password. You can see your main address and transaction history and stuffs there. Click on receive button your address will be displayed note it down and copy it on clipboard for further use.

Start earning

As i told before we are going to work for faucet websites.
these sites allows you to enter captcha every five minutes and will be paid between 100 to 10,000 satoshis (1000 satoshi = 0.00001 btc). even though its a slow process you can earn decent amount within days.
The website first transfer the satoshi to faucet box and when it reach a threshold of 13,000 sathoshi it will be transferred to your bitcoin wallet. you don’t have to create an account in faucet, once you claim your satoshi from a website the account will be created automatically. Lets go and visit one of them here is my favorite one
open this link and enter the captcha and your bitcoin address click on “claim bitcoin” button, you will be paid instantly to the faucet box. check you balance by visiting<your address>
you cannot earn more with only one website here is my pick thats 100% working  and legitimate.

You can also find many such faucet websites that will give you bitcoin as payment. I have made 100,000 satoshis in 4 days with the 5 websites listed above.

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