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I have a woman who has been watching my social media for quite some time.  
She has informed me that she has hired people who are able to see "every move I make".
She says she has access to my bank accounts & that everything I have ever done has left a trail for she and the people that she is collaborating with to trace.
I have no way of knowing whether or not this is true.
Can anyone offer the best way to go about making this harassment stop / figuring out whether or not it's actually true?
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The threat may or may not be true. To check if your PC is compromised or not you have lot of things to check.

1. check for any newly installed software. Update your anti-virus and perform a scan. Uninstall every suspicious installations.
2. Check registry for malware entries.
3. Check system logs
4. Open netsh in a terminal and monitor all connection and check for any malicious connection is established to some remote IP by any unknown softwares.
5. Check for CPU, RAM, and Network usage while idle, if there is any malware installed usage will be high.
6. Check browser, Uninstall any newly installed extensions and toolbar. Its always a good idea to reinstall browser and use "logout from everywhere" option in social media accounts.
7. Do not trust public WiFi. They can be a honeypot, monitoring all your activities.
8. Reset your router, Routers and Modems can be configured to monitor you by connection to hacker's proxy or some sort of monitoring network. 
These are the basic things you can do. However if the hacker is smart enough, he may have created a malware smart enough to remain undetected. Best thing you can do is report the person to authorities.
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