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I have access to the computer connected to it on the local network, how can I backdoor the server if I do not have administrator rights on this computer and the access server over WAN.
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question is not clear.
with the help of a tool I best create a backdoor that I could  connect to it while being not in a local area network
while you are on local network you want to upload shell and get connection even after you are not in LAN, and constantly backdoor a your server over wan. right?
Yes, it is possible?

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This is illegal, however you can try it on your own sandbox or whatever. Create a payload with your public IP as LHOST address. If you don't have a static ip use DDNS so that you can get update the domain name with your public ip address whenever you want.  similar question on android is asked here: how-inject-apk-file-into-another-device-connection-remotely The procedure is same.

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thank you, I know that it's not legal, I just wanted to try on my own server, if it's not hard, you can tell by what tool it's best to do it, tried with msfvenom and metasploit, but for some reason I could not connect to a computer that is even in my wifi network, metasploit gave an error about the impossibility of connecting and why it all worked only in the local network
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