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I am new to this field, so this may be a dump question. I just want to know how can I scan the open ports of connected devices (and maybe also the web services), e.g. a router, if I am in a local network. If I get all the infomation about accessible hosts, I can analyze the backend and hack in.  
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nmap does port scanning, and also slower... you can try netdiscover -r

Replace ip with your gateway (router ip)

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Nmap is the best tool for this purpose, its the Swiss army knife of network tools. 
1. Scan a subnet.
2. Scan common port ins subet
nmap -F
3.Detect OS and Service
nmap -A
4. Standard service detection
nmap -sV
5. More aggressive Service Detection
nmap -sV --version-intensity 5
6. Lighter banner grabbing detection
nmap -sV --version-intensity 0
If it seems to hard there are many other ways too.
1. Arp-scan
This tool can scan and list out every alive host in a local network. 
sudo apt-get install arp-scan

sudo arp-scan --interface=eth0 --localnet
Replace eth0 with whichever network interface you are on.
2. Angry IP scanner
This is a GUI based tool which easy to operate and supports port scanning and service detection. You can dowbload it from here
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