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I was playing around with empire mod and metasploit

 if i send the file using the command upload of metasploit (or by social engineering )
to the target..

It's necessary execute the file(?)

If yes, it would work if i get admin privileges on the target and i execute myself the file?

Thanks a lot
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Question is not clear, do u have a shell already? Or are you trying to get a shell on target?

Thanks for your reply

In this case i have the shell on the target

So if i elevated privileges on the target could execute the uploaded file without problems?

Thanks again

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If you have a meterpreter shell, you can simply upload it using the uplad command. That doesnt mean its executed. You have only uploaded it just like in a FTP server. You have to execute it on the target via meterpreter execute or normal cmd shell. 

With elevated privileges you can execute without any problem.
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